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Chief Operating Officer



Type of work

Full Time

About the Role

Cubiko is looking for a Chief Operations Officer to join our growing team. We’re a small tech company that builds a product to provide data analytics for GP, dental, and specialist practices. Our products help them run a successful business and drive patient outcomes.

You will collaborate closely with the CEO to implement the company’s vision, establish procedures and resources to support scaling, optimise areas of inefficiency within the organisation, and coordinate efforts with department heads.


  • Oversee daily GTM operations and help make key decisions for the company.
  • Act as the right hand to the CEO, assisting with overflow tasks and providing strategic support.
    • Our CEO Founder is a big picture thinker. A great COO will complement our team by being detail-orientated, fast-paced multitasker and ability to execute.
  • Provide coaching and hands-on support to Sales & Marketing and Customer Success functions.
  • Serve as a public speaker and ambassador for the company, representing our brand and values externally, both in-person and online.
  • Support People & Culture, particularly in the final stages of hiring to ensure the best talent joins our team. Displaying and championing our company culture.

Key Skills

  • Proven experience as a COO or similar leadership role in a SaaS company.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead by example, with a hands-on approach to solving problems and driving initiatives.
  • Ability to document, iterate and influence processes within the company for exceptional outcomes to achieve scale.
  • Strong public speaking skills and the ability to represent the company effectively.
  • Strategic planning and business development experience.
  • Strong negotiation skills and ability to build relationships externally
  • Desirable: Experience in the healthcare industry


We live these values every day.

  • Question the conventional: At Cubiko we don’t place status on tradition or hierarchy when it comes to ideas. We all believe we have a responsibility to share our ideas, even if they differ from the norm. We’re always seeking ways to innovate and improve.
  • One Team: All for one, and one for all! We are a team that cares for and respects one another. We work in unison to deliver outstanding products, and we have fun doing it. We produce more than the sum of our parts.
  • Trust through Transparency: Building trust through transparency! We do this by being open, communicating regularly and having honest conversations – we tell it how it is. We operate fluidly and as one team.
  • Customer-centric: Our customers and community are at the core of what we do! We’re committed to helping medical practices deliver outstanding patient care and improving patient outcomes for individuals within their communities. We achieve this through constant customer communication and feedback allowing us to develop products our customers love.

Diversity & Inclusion Commitment:

We’re committed to growing and empowering an inclusive community. That’s why we actively encourage applications from candidates from all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. If you require accessibility assistance at any stage of the process, please let us know. We encourage applicants of all skill levels, do not feel obligated to meet 100% of the outlined requirements to apply.


  • You must have working rights in Australia.
  • Because of the sensitive nature of the data we handle at Cubiko, you must be willing to do a police background check.
  • Direct applicants only, we are not currently accepting candidates from recruitment agencies.

To apply for the job please fill in the form below and submit it. we will come back to you shortly​

20 AAPM Approved cpd pOINTS

Download your CPD certificate

Please note that this certificate is self-fillable. Simply insert your name and the date you attended/watched Cubikon 2023. You can do this for each team member who attended Cubikon. 

We recommend saving or printing a copy of the certificate to add to your training register.

Power Tip

Managing your patient and non-patient appointments in Cubiko

Presented by Roslyn Horsfield

In this video Roslyn shows you how you can manage and review your patient and non-patient appointments in Cubiko.

Power Tip

Reviewing your Cubiko settings

Presented by Roslyn Horsfield

In this video, Roslyn shows you the steps you can take to review. your Cubiko settings.

Session 5

Insights into how you can use data to grow your CDM program

Presented by Christina Robinson

Chronic Disease Management is a vital component to General Practice, and plays a major role in many practice’s operations and procedures.

You’ll walk away from this session with:

  • Insights into how your practice can maintain financial sustainability and manage patient care through a CDM program
  • How data can be used to easily identify opportunities to continue providing proactive and quality care
  • The key workflows your team can use to optimise the opportunities identified in your practice

Download slides >

Session 4

Uncover $10,000 in your practice for immediate Return on Investment 

Presented by Madi Williams

Data plays an important role in General Practice, from helping you make informed business decisions for your practice, to helping you identify opportunities to provide quality patient care. Our goal is to help you become a data-empowered practice and help you ensure that you’re getting the most value out of your Cubiko subscription.

In this session, you’ll walk away with insights into:

  • The key metrics that can lead to quick and tangible ROI improvements for your practice
  • Overview of how these metrics can help your practice identify areas for improvement

Download slides >

Session 3

Achieveing Financial Sustainability in Your Practice

Presented by Tiffany Dahl

Running a financially sustainable practice is imperative to the continued success and longevity of any practice. Data plays a vital role in helping ensure that your practice is on track to meeting it’s financial goals, and opening your practice up to a world of opportunities. In this session, you’ll walk away with insights into:

  • How better billing builds a successful practice
  • The essential metrics to track in your practice to increase billings
  • Daily workflows you can use to enable your team to bill more efficiently

Download slides >

Session 2

Unlock the power of Cubiko: Workflows for the data-empowered practice

Presented by Christina Robinson

In this session, Christina draws on her knowledge of being a former Practice Manager to discuss the importance of data, the role data plays in your practice, and insights into how you can incorporate Cubiko into your daily, weekly and monthly workflow.

In this session, you’ll walk away with insights into:

  • The key workflows to implement in your practice
  • The actionable insights your team can use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Strategies on how to bring your team along for the journey

Download slides >

Session 1

Welcome + The Future of Cubiko

Presented by Chris Smeed

In this session Chris kicks of Cubikon by announcing some exciting new features that are coming to Cubiko very soon.

Download slides >

Catch up with Russell

The Learning Lounge | Stand 41 in the Exhibition Hall

* Please note booking times are in Australian Central Standard Time

Catch up with Christina

The Learning Lounge | Stand 41 in the Exhibition Hall

* Please note booking times are in Australian Central Standard Time

Catch up with Madi

The Learning Lounge | Stand 41 in the Exhibition Hall

* Please note booking times are in Australian Central Standard Time