Empowering excellence at Keperra Family Practice with Cubiko and Touchstone

Nestled in the heart of Keperra, Queensland, Keperra Family Practice has been a cornerstone of the community since its establishment in 2001. Although its doctors operate independent businesses, their collective commitment to delivering exceptional care echoes through every consulting room. Embracing the philosophy of providing a Medical Home for their patients, the practitioners at Keperra Family Practice hold a profound responsibility for the ongoing and comprehensive medical care of those they serve.

At the heart of their approach lies a dedication to integration and collaboration. Keperra Family Practice seamlessly coordinates care across all members of the patient’s healthcare team, ensuring a cohesive and holistic experience.

We recently had the privilege of chatting to Dr. Trish Baker, the practice’s owner, to learn more about how Keperra Family Practice leverages Cubiko and Touchstone. These tools serve as pillars of support, empowering practitioners in managing their individual practices while propelling the clinic towards continued success.

Leveraging data for practice success

Dr. Trish Baker’s journey towards enhancing practice performance and empowering her team began with the introduction of Cubiko and Touchstone. Recognising the potential of these tools to revolutionise the way they approached practice management, she eagerly embraced them, knowing they could help the doctors at her practice better understand their individual practices’ performance and help drive success.

Trish’s Practice Manager, Linda, took charge of providing each practice and practitioner with their own personalised Touchstone reports. Some practitioners eagerly dove in, analysing their own data with precision and enthusiasm. Others, approached the reports with a more laid-back attitude, yet still appreciated the insights the reports provided.

Unveiling insights for continuous improvement

For Trish, the real value of Cubiko and Touchstone lay in its ability to provide a comprehensive overview of the practice’s performance. Through intuitive graphs and detailed metrics, practitioners gained valuable insights into the clinic’s strengths and areas for improvement. Despite not considering herself a “data nerd,” Trish found herself drawn to the clarity and simplicity of the reports, unlocking hidden gems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

With Cubiko’s comprehensive view and intuitive interface, Keperra Family Practice was well-equipped to navigate the complexities of running a successful medical practice. Trish and her team embraced the power of data-driven decision-making, leveraging insights from Touchstone to drive continuous improvement and elevate the quality of care they provided to their patients.

Cultivating a culture of excellence

In the midst of their peers, Keperra Family Practice found success in the insights that Touchstone provided. It wasn’t just about individual success anymore, it was about fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence that infused every aspect of their practices.

Keperra Family Practice fosters a culture that encourages practitioners to utilise practice data which empowers them to make informed decisions.

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