Learn how to become a data-empowered practice

Virtual Event

1st October 2021 | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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You'll leave the day with a key understanding of:

  • How Cubiko can help you make sense of the data within your practice
  • How to become a high-performing business
  • How to increase your billings
  • How you can use your data to deliver outstanding patient care


Chris Smeed

CEO & Co-Founder of Cubiko

Riwka Hagen  

Principal Consultant at Medical Business Services 

Katrina Otto 

Owner & Managing Director of Train IT Medical 

 Sarah Bartholomeusz

Founder & Principal of You Legal

Dr Frank Pyefinch

CEO and Founder of Best Practice Software 

Jessica White

Manager of Commercial and Customer Enablement at Best Practice Software 


Life member of AAPM 

Dr John Aloizos AM

Chairman of Cubiko

Bec Bland

Lead Training Specialist at Best Practice Software

It's challenging to run a practice without data

        • An increase in stress due to unknown business performance
        • Reduced visibility and oversight for business performance
        • An increased compliance risk
        • Missed opportunities for patient care

Join us at Cubikon 2021

With data comes clarity

        • Learn how practices use Cubiko to be data-empowered
        • Help deliver better patient care with data
        • Reduce compliance risk by finding data in the patterns
        • Create actionable goals for your practice, and use data to track future performance

Join us at Cubikon 2021

Learn how to become a data-empowered practice

The ultimate event for a data-empowered practice


40 AAPM Approved CPD points

* Please note that the agenda is subject to change *

9:00 am

The future of Cubiko 

Cubiko pioneers how medical practices use their data. Join Chris Smeed, Cubiko CEO as he speaks about the future of Cubiko. Chris will dive into what a ‘data-empowered practice’ is and how to aspire to be data-empowered. 

In this session you’ll have an understanding of: 

  • How to become a data-empowered practice 
  • The future of Cubiko and data in General Practice 
  • Using data as a competitive advantage for your practice 

9:30 am

How to get your team to engage with data | Gary Smith  

Gary Smith uses his expertise to share how you can get your team to engage with your practice’s data. He’ll share the role that data can play in quality improvement, compliance, and change management.  

You’ll leave this session with an understanding of: 

  • Why the management of data leads to better health outcomes 
  • The role of data in Continuous Quality Improvement 
  • Data and the linkage to compliance requirements 

10:15 am


10:20 am

Data driven improvements for practices of the future | Katrina Otto 

Katrina Otto has vast experience helping General Practices around Australia use data to drive improvement within their practice. Katrina will share the importance of a whole team approach for continual data and technology improvement. She’ll discuss how to identify what practice improvements you should be focusing on and the strategies that lead change, improved health outcomes for your patients, and increased billings. 

In this session you’ll learn:  

  • The importance of the whole team approach in quality improvement programs 
  • The strategies for change to achieve increased billings and improve health outcomes 
  • How to identify what practice improvement program to focus on in a positive manner 

11:10 am


11:15 am

Fireside Chat with Dr Frank Pyefinch & Dr John Aloizos AM. Moderated by Jess White  

Pioneers and veterans of the industry, Dr Frank Pyefinch Founder of Best Practice and Dr John Aloizos AM Chairman of Cubiko discuss everything data. The fabulous Jessica White from the Best Practice team will join them to facilitate the discussion.  

They’ll share how General Practice has changed over the last thirty years. They’ll share steps you can take now, to ensure you’re able to continue to adapt to this changing landscape.   

From this fireside chat you’ll walk away with:  

  • The evolution of technology overtime in the medical industry  
  • How government policy has impacted the medical industry over the years, the good and the bad 
  • How technology and policy needs to evolve to support the ever changing needs of general practice  

12:10 pm


12:50 pm

Business modelling for nurse-led clinics | Riwka Hagen 

Riwka Hagen is well experienced in the healthcare sector. In her session, Riwka will discuss the business modelling for nurse-led clinics. She will share insight into how you can develop a business plan for the unique services offered within your practice, and strategies to ensure financial viability.  

In this session you’ll walk away with: 

  • Points on how to utilise nurses in your clinic for improved patient outcomes 
  • Strategies to increase profitability through efficient business models 
  • How data can lead to a financially sustainable future 

1:40 pm


1:45 pm

Legals Don’t Need to Be Complicated – Tips to Manage Risk | Sarah Bartholomeusz 

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are increasingly relying on technologies and cloud-based software to access, update, record and analyse patient data. As a result, steps need to be taken to ensure that your data is kept safe.  

Sarah Bartholomeusz will discuss how you can talk about privacy and confidentiality with your staff and the steps you should take to protect your patients (and your reputation).   

You’ll walk away from this session with:

  • A better understanding of data protection, privacy, and confidentiality– now and in the future.  
  • The key things to look for in a lawyer  
  • Steps to take if you are worried about legal issues  

2:30 pm


2:35 pm

Advanced Data Cleansing in Bp Premier | Bec Bland 

During what has been an unprecedentedly busy time for General Practice, never has it been more important to maintain a clean database. A well-maintained database will not only save you money, but it will promote time efficiencies and foster better patient outcomes.

Join Bp Premier’s Lead Training Specialist, Bec Bland, as she unpacks the importance of data quality, takes you through how to clean up your existing data, and provides tips and tricks for creating and promoting better quality data recording practices in your clinic.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • What Data Cleansing is, and why is it important? 
  • How to identify and clean up data in Bp Premier
  • Workflows for creating and recording quality data in your practice

3:20 pm

The data-empowered General Practice – hopes, fears and expectations for the next 12 months

| Todd Cameron, Jon Erwin, Katrina Otto, Emma Cunningham & Lesley Crombie

All sessions will be recorded.

Recordings will be emailed out to all registrants in the days following the event. 

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