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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cubiko?

  • Cubiko filters and interprets vast amounts of data critical to the functioning of general practice.
  • Combined sets of data, reported over time and against budgets allow to spot trends.
  • Cubiko helps practices make evidence-based, transparent decisions about where change needs to occur
  • Dashboard insights allow change to be tracked and monitored to ensure the desired results are achieved.
  • Cubiko results are presented in an easy to understand intuitive platform.


Who is the Cubiko for ?

  • Cubiko is targeted at the Practice Manager, Practice Owner, Doctor, Nurse and Receptionist User Group.


Is the data (online and backups) always stored within Australia?

  • Yes, all data you upload is stored within Australia - it is all kept securely in Microsoft data centres - Microsoft data centres maintain a wide range of industry leading certifications including ISO27001, HIPAA (US Healthcare standard) and Australia’s IRAP.
  • Access to the data is controlled with secure credentials and mandatory use of encrypted connections.


Does Cubiko de-identify all patient data?
  • Cubiko does not de-identify data ingest - in order to provide maximum value from the tool we believe that identified allows data to be actionable. We do take steps to only extract data which is needed and exclude unnecessary data points.
  • For example, we extract information relating to the last name, first initial of the first name, age and suburb to make the data identifiable, however we do not extract the full first name, Medicare card number or IHI. All data that we extract is used in the product - enabling you to see what data is extracted and the value it provides.


What is the scope, format, upload process and frequency of the data to be provided?
  • Cubiko draws selected data from the clinical software (i.e Best Practice) and stores it on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Each of your practices will require to install Microsoft Integration runtime to transmit data to Cubiko.
  • Scope: Currently Cubiko extracts tables from the BP database. At the moment, there are 20 tables of interest to Cubiko.
  • Format: SQL extracts.
  • Upload Process: Data is uploaded via cloud-based data pipeline (it connects to the BP database through the installed Microsoft Integration runtime).
  • Frequency: Initial upload can be decided based on agreement with the practice.
  • Further incremental changes to the database will be extracted hourly (depending on the internet speed at the practice).


What are the technical infrastructure and software requirements at practice end?
  • The recommended configuration for the integration runtime machine is at least 2 GHz, four cores, 8 GB of RAM, and an 80-GB disk - this can run on the BP Server or another Windows server on the practices network.
  • Users wanting to access Cubiko will be required to have an internet connected device using a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Edge).


Can the reporting metrics be aggregated at a company level?

  • Currently metrics are reported at a practice level. Aggregated view functionality is scheduled to launch later in the year.


Can payment be made via EFT?

  • Yes, Cubiko will provide details on the invoice.


What will happen to the practice data upon the termination of the contract?

  • Cubiko will not save any data from the practices which have cancelled the subscription. Upon the termination of the contract Cubiko will turn off the data uploads and delete all the historical data collected throughout the subscription.