Use Email Newsletters, To Keep Your Patients Informed And Optimise Clinic Revenue

HealthAide uses technology to improve health engagement. 
  • As an organisation, we are trying to improve health education and patient engagement using digital tools.
  • We firmly believe that the GP should be the main source of health information, for patients with a health concern, but this should begin before they enter the clinic.
  • Build a digital presence to enable your patients to access quality health information that has been approved by you, at any time and any place.
  • Scale yourself, so you can have a positive influence on your patients outside the clinic. Build better relationships, increase loyalty and improve clinical care whilst also optimising business outcomes

Cubiko and HealthAide

HealthAide Pro provides your patient with access to high quality health information via emails branded in your clinic’s name.

Whilst educating your patients, it keeps your organisation at the forefront of their attention and provides the opportunity to increase bookings and higher-value care.

Cubiko measures the impact of return patients. Using both Cubiko and HealthAide together for a complete picture of your patient’s journey.

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