Cubiko for Practice Managers

Insights on how Practice Managers can use Cubiko in their practice everyday.

16 November 2023

12:30 pm (AEST time)

Join Christina from our Customer Success team for the third webinar from our Cubiko for Practice Managers three-part series. Our Cubiko for Practice Managers webinar series will provide you, as a Practice Manager, insights on how you can use Cubiko in your practice every day.

In these 30-minute sessions you’ll learn:

Webinar 1: The Actionable metrics to be tracking in your practice | TBC

  • Insights into how you can use Cubiko to view and action a list of patients that may be eligible for a range of possible service opportunities, and how you can recall those patients
  • How to review the status of recalls in your practice, and download a list of patients to contact to rebook them in for their recall appointment
  • Insights into how utilised your practitioners are over the next 7 days, and where the gaps are in your appointment book that need actioning.
  • How you can use Cubiko to implement Quality improvement activities in your practice

Webinar 2: Reporting metrics for your practice | TBC

  • How you can create and review your own dashboard of reporting metrics
  • Measure how your practice is performing against the key performance indicators and targets that you’ve set for your practice
  • Insights on how you can use Cubiko to improve your practice’s operational performance

Next webinar: 18 September 2023 @ 12:00 pm

Webinar 3: The Audits and Checks you should be doing | 16 November 2023 @ 12:30PM

  • Insights into the key metrics to review to ensure that you’re not missing any potential billings for services that have already been provided by your Practitioners
  • Review a list of opportunities to increase the number of 10997 billings in your practice
  • Learn how you can regularly use Cubiko to perform audit checks for your practice to ensure you remain compliant and reduce any risk for your practice

Next webinar: 16 November 2023 @ 12:30 pm

What happens if I cannot attend the live webinar?

Unable to make our upcoming session? Not to worry, check out our Knowledge Base article for all our upcoming webinar dates.

Will this webinar be recorded?

Given the nature of this webinar and out of respect for everyone joining in on these training sessions, these sessions are not recorded.

We understand that Practice life is crazy and that you don’t always have the opportunity to attend these live training webinars. To help cater to your busy schedules, we’ve put together some additional resources to help you get the most use out of Cubiko. You can access this on our Knowledge Base

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?

Yes! Everyone who attends our live training webinars will be emailed a Certificate of Completion. 

You can use our Certificate of Completion for Accreditation purposes. Print or Download a copy to add to your Training Register

A note for our MedicalDirector customers

Some of the metrics highlighted in this webinar are not yet accessible to our MedicalDirector customers.

The Cubiko team is working hard behind the scenes to make these metrics and insights available to you in the future.

Webinar 3: The audits and checks you should be doing

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