Set, track, and measure key metrics to see how your practice is traveling towards meeting its business targets

A simple target measurement solution

Cubiko’s intuitive target management enables you to set better goals and targets so you can focus on running a great practice

Role Defaults Goal Management

A better way of hitting targets

Streamlined target setting, so you can save time on managing your practices financial and utilisation goals

Visualise targets for your team

Look at the data that matters, simplify important targets down to easily digestible metrics for your team.

utilisation by practitioner general practice
billings per appointment general practice

Track the important goals required for accreditation

Simplify your RACGP accreditation with Cubiko. Planning and setting business goals and targets are imperative for good business, and forms part of the Core Module for RACGP accreditation standards.

Optimise your practice’s target tracking today

More great features from Cubiko

Everything you need to reduce the stress in running a practice

item optimisation

Item Optimisation

Deliver outstanding patient care by optimising your use of MBS item numbers

practice billings

Billing Optimisation

Using data to identify missed billing opportunities


Past Clinic Metrics

Historical insights into your practice’s operations and performance

Trusted, reliable, loved by practices

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