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Why Cubiko

A few of the reasons why a growing number of practices are choosing Cubiko


Hundreds of practices rely on Cubiko’s actionable insights to provide great patient care and achieve business goals.


Be certain in your data. Cubiko boasts a 99.9% uptime, ensuring you’re never left in the dark about your operations.


Trust is a must, especially when it comes to patient data. That’s why Cubiko take steps to ensure all data handled is kept safe and secure.

Read about how we protect your data with our Data Governance Framework

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Touchstone"?

Touchstone is a Cubiko feature which allows practices to benchmark and compare their practice’s data to a de-identified aggregated data set. It is purely opt-in for medical practices, and by opting-in, practices receive the benefits of comparison to the de-identified aggregate data set.

Is my data safe, secure and unidentifiable?

Yes. Your data is stored within Australian data centres and is subject to Australia’s rigorous privacy laws. We take significant additional measures in respect to personal information shared with us by our medical practice clients for the purpose of providing our analysis services to them. We use industry-leading encryption technologies to protect data during communication/transit and at rest. We use access controls and audit records (among other security tools and technologies) to protect the data held and processed by us.


The data within Touchstone is completely unidentifiable. As soon as the data is ingested it is de-identified and then added to the aggregated data set within Cubiko.  


Who owns the data?

Your practice retains ownership of the data and Cubiko is a custodian of the de-identified aggregate data set. If a practice opts-in to Touchstone, then at any time they are able to opt-out. In opting-out, no future data will be added to the de-identified aggregate data set.


How do I opt-in?

Cubiko customers can opt-in to Touchstone via Cubiko Settings. When doing so you have the ability to select your practice categories. The user opting-in to Touchstone must have the required permissions to opt-in a practice to Touchstone.


How much does Touchstone cost?

Touchstone is included in your standard Cubiko subscription if you opt-in your data to the de-identified aggregate Touchstone dataset.

How is Cubiko managing clinical data with regards to Touchstone?

Touchstone does not use or processes any of your practice’s clinical data. Meaning this stays in your separate Cubiko instance or on your practice’s server.

What happens to my data if I opt-out?

We will cease system and practice data ingestion to any aggregated benchmarking metrics within 14 days notice. However, historical ingestion to aggregated benchmarking metrics are unidentifiable and unable to be deleted. 

Does Cubiko de-identify practice data?

Yes. If you opt-in your practice’s data to Touchstone, the data is completely de-identified.

What techniques does Cubiko apply to maintain practice confidentiality with Touchstone?

As aligned to Federal government recommendations, Cubiko applies frequency and cell dominance rules, data suppression and data rounding. Cubiko adheres to our Data Governance Framework and our Benchmarking De-identifying Policy. This includes practice level anonymisation, the separate database of consolidated practice data is anonymised before being made available to other practices who have opted-in. If ever does a de-identified data set become small enough to be identified, Touchstone does not show results specifying so.

Is my data being shared with third-party providers?

Cubiko does not share any of the de-idenfitied aggregated indexed performance metrics for commercial reasons with 3rd Parties. Some de-identified data sets are available to 3rd Party community members, and certified partners of Cubiko for research and content generation purposes.

Does Cubiko have a Data Governance Framework?

Yes. Cubiko adheres to industry best practice for the governance of data. You can view our Data Governance Framework at