Billing Optimisation

Using data to increase billings.

Increase billings by identifying any unbilled appointments

Uncover opportunities where you have provided a service, but not billed.

Easily find billing opportunities

See the number of appointments in your appointment book that are not marked as complete. These appointments may be indicative of missed billing opportunities. Get your admin team to follow up on these weekly to maximise the billings generated in your practice.

Insights into the invoices that need actioning

Quickly find any invoices over 90 days old in your practice that need to be actioned. Give this list to your admin team to action once a week to ensure that these invoices are being followed up. Allowing you to ensure that your practice has a consistent and healthy cash flow.

opportunities by nurse cubiko billing opportunities

Identify potential 10997 opportunities

Find appointments with a nurses where a 10997 may have been performed but not billed. Download a list of these patients and complete a chart audit to see if a 10997 was performed on that date so that you can bill for work that was completed.

Find billings for work you have done

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item optimisation

Item Optimisation

Deliver outstanding patient care by optimising your use of MBS item numbers

appointment optimisation

Appointment Optimisation

Data to help you fill your appointment book and engage with your patients

Benchmarking Touchstone Cubiko

MBS Benchmarking

See where your practice sits against National and State benchmarks.

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