Patient Care

Finding opportunities to help you deliver outstanding patient care.

Deliver outstanding, proactive and quality patient care

Deliver greater care by easily identifying and recalling patients eligible or due for health assessments, care plans, flu and COVID-19 vaccines.

Use data to boost patient engagement

Download a list of patients who are eligible for preventative health and chronic disease services. Give this list to your admin or nursing team to engage with these patients and book them in for appointments.

Improve patient outcomes

Optimise the care provided to patients by using data to find opportunities to improve patient outcomes, and booking them in for appointments.

Continuity of care

Identify care opportunities for existing patients booked in for their flu or COVID-19 vaccinations. Book these patients in for appointments where both services can be performed in the same setting. Alternatively utilise our doctor direction sheet to ensure patients are booked in for these services if you wish to keep these appointments separately.

Using data for improved patient outcomes.