Item Optimisation

Improve patient outcomes and billings using item optimisation

Identifying potential new CDM patients

Identify a list of patients with an underlying medical condition who have either never had a CDM billing or have not been billed a CDM item within the past two years. Use this list to grow your Chronic Disease Management program, allowing you to spend more time with patients and increase billings.

Improved healthcare services for better health outcomes

Determine which patients may be eligible for a health assessment and book them in for appointments. Gain insights into the details of these patients upcoming appointments. Download a list of eligible patients with no future booking for your reception team to contact and book in for an appointment.

Maximising your use of nurse led item numbers

Provide proactive patient care and increase revenue by maximising your use of nurse led item numbers 10997 and 10987. Track how your practice is travelling towards completing the number of services allocated per calendar year.

Measure how your billings compare

Track the improvement that has been made in your billing of item numbers since using Cubiko’s item optimisation metrics.

Deliver proactive and outstanding patient care by optimising your use of MBS item numbers

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Appointment Optimisation

Data to help you fill your appointment book and engage with your patients

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Billing Optimisation

Using data to identify missed billing opportunities


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