My Cubiko

An individual summary dashboard for the data-empowered practitioner. 

My Cubiko Diary

Align your practitioners with business outcomes

My Cubiko gives your evidence-based practitioners real-time insights into their patients and billings. Drive business outcomes by bringing your team on the journey. 

Data for your Doctors

Individual General Practitioners can log into Cubiko and gain valuable insights and analysis into their billings, patients, and diary. Allowing them to gain insight into their billing performance.  

Opportunities for patient care and increased billings

See a detailed breakdown of all the possible item number service opportunities the patients today. Insights to increase billings. 

Insights on your patient cohort

Reduce your medico-legal risk with a list of urgent and non-urgent recalls for your practitioners to action.  


Demonstrate the value of your practice and it's growing patient base. Insights into new patients, their retention rate and how they booked with your practice.


How a doctor compares to the practice average

With custom permissions, choose which practitioners can compare their metrics to the practice average. You know your team best, who would thrive through competition and appreciate insight into benchmarks. 

Appointment Book Insights

See what is happening in your appointment book today and historically. Gain insights into your utilisation, patient DNA rate, and diary wait time. Use this data to determine if you need to reassess how your appointment book is set up.  

Measure how your billings compare

Better understand your provision of MBS items (standard and CDM) and how your distribution compares against MBS benchmarking data.  Reduce stress in the practice by understanding the billing patterns within your practice vs national and state averages.  

benchmarking mycubiko

Differentiate your practice by using data to retain and recruit doctors.

More great features from Cubiko

Everything you need to reduce the stress in running a practice

item optimisation

Item Optimisation

Deliver outstanding patient care by optimising your use of MBS item numbers

appointment optimisation

Appointment Optimisation

Using data to identify missed billing opportunities

practice billings

Billing Optimisation

Data to increase billings.

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