Past Clinic Metrics

Historical insights into your practice’s operations and performance.

Take a historical look into your billings

By gaining insight into how much is billed on average per appointment. See how your practice is tracking in terms of revenue generation and billings over time.

Track the growth of your Chronic Disease Management Program

Track the uptake of your Chronic Disease Clinic by comparing your clinic’s performance to this time last year. Easily measure the percentage of your practices total billings that relate to Chronic Disease Management.

See a breakdown of your practice’s busiest booking time

See a detailed breakdown by day and hour of when your reception team is busiest making appointments for patients. Understanding when your team is most busy with patients can help determine how many receptionists you need to schedule during the day; when it’s suitable for them to take their break; and when they have the capacity to focus on other admin tasks.

Insights for diary availability

See when diaries at your practice are most utilised and when they’re free. Action historical trends to improve access for patients and increase billings.

Insights to help you build a successful practice.

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Everything you need to reduce the stress in running a practice

item optimisation

Item Optimisation

Deliver outstanding patient care by optimising your use of MBS item numbers

Vaccination Support

Vaccination Support

Supporting practices in delivering flu and COVID-19 vaccines to their local community.

My Cubiko

My Cubiko

An individual summary dashboard for the data-empowered practitioner. 

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