Custom Dashboards

Focus on the metrics that matter to your practice by building your own custom dashboard. 

Custom dashboards for your practice team

Build custom dashboards for each of your team members that contains the Cubiko metrics they should be focusing on. 

Flexibility in how you view and access metrics

Easily navigate to the metrics and patient lists you use daily. 

Incorporate custom dashboards into your workflow

Favourite all of the metrics you look at daily, weekly or monthly in your custom dashboard. Reassess your dashboard each month, quarter or every six months to ensure that you’re currently focusing on the metrics that matter for your practice. 

Save time by focusing on the metrics that matter.

More great features from Cubiko

Everything you need to reduce the stress in running a practice

item optimisation

Item Optimisation

Deliver outstanding patient care by optimising your use of MBS item numbers

appointment optimisation

Appointment Optimisation

Data to help you fill your appointment book and engage with your patients

Vaccination Support

Vaccination Support

Supporting practices in delivering flu and COVID-19 vaccines to their local community.

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