Vaccination Support

Supporting practices in delivering flu and COVID-19 vaccines to their local community.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Clarity on knowing which patients need to be vaccinated and when.

Identify patients who may be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine

Easily find a complete list of patients who may be eligible for first, second and booster doses in your practice. In a second, see who is overdue for their booster.

Ensure patients return for their boosters

Download a list of patients who are eligible to receive their booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine but don’t have an appointment booked.

Give this list to your reception team to contact via bulk SMS inviting these patients to book in for their second dose or booster dose via your appointment vendor.

Visualise patients vaccinated for COVID-19

Visual representations to quickly identify the proportion of patients who are eligible for their first, second, or booster dose.

Understand your patient base, and where you can focus your efforts on education and vaccination. Engage community.


Insights into the patients you are vaccinating

Gain insights into the types of patients (usual, new or all) who have received their first, second or booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in your practice. 

Utilise this data to help you determine which of your patients should be marked as inactive if they are not regular patients. 

Run an efficient COVID-19 clinic

Flu Vaccinations

Supporting General Practice in delivering the flu vaccine.

List of patients eligible for the government-funded flu vaccine

Easily determine and track the number of patients in your practice who are eligible for a government-funded vaccine under the National Immunisation Program. 

Paired with details of their upcoming appointment and Allergy/ADR. 

List of patients for your private flu vaccines

Easily determine how many patients at your practice may be interested in getting the private flu vaccine.

Use this data to help determine how many private vaccines should be ordered for your practice.

Insights into the patients you are vaccinating

Gain insights into the patients you’re vaccinating via Cubiko’s visual tracker. Easily see how many patients from your eligible groups have received the Government-funded flu vaccine or private vaccine. 

Integrate this with your online booking platform to increase online appointments for flu vaccines. 

Patients receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

Filter out the patients whose next appointment is a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. Ensure that you don’t book patients in for both a COVID-19 vaccine and flu vaccine within a short timeframe.

Protect your community through effective immunisations

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Item Optimisation

Deliver outstanding patient care by optimising your use of MBS item numbers

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Custom Dashboards

Focus on the metrics that matter to your practice by building your own custom dashboard. 

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Easily determine the targets your practice needs to meet your practice goals.

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