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Welcome to Cubiko’s media centre. We’re glad to see your interest in covering our organisation and our cutting-edge work.

We recognise the important role that journalists and advocacy bodies play in shaping public perception and understanding. As a leading player in our industry, we’re committed to fostering transparency, dialogue, and deep understanding about our work.

If you need more information about our projects, want to arrange interviews, or are interested in receiving press releases, please direct your inquiries to our dedicated media team.

For all media-related requests, please send us an email at [email protected]. We’re looking forward to collaborating with you to share our story and our work.

Enquiries regarding Touchstone - Industry Benchmarks

Touchstone, Cubiko’s industry benchmark, plays a pivotal role in defining standards for the Australian medical industry. We appreciate your interest in referencing Touchstone in your work. To maintain consistency and clarity in public communications, we kindly ask you to adhere to the following guidelines when mentioning Touchstone:

When referring to Touchstone, please choose one of the following acceptable references:

  • ‘Cubiko’s industry benchmarks, Touchstone’
  • ‘Cubiko’s medical benchmarks’
  • ‘Touchstone, Cubiko’s industry benchmarks’
  • Touchstone, Cubiko’s medical benchmarks’
  • ‘Source: Touchstone, Cubiko’s industry benchmarking’

In the first instance when Touchstone is mentioned in your article or written work, please provide a hyperlink to our dedicated Touchstone page at for your readers to learn more.

Thank you for your collaboration and respect for our brand identity. If you require further information for Touchstone, please email [email protected] and we would be happy to assist.