MBS Benchmarking

See where your practice sits against National and State benchmarks.

Compare how your practice is performing

Easily assess the effectiveness of the activities you’re performing within your practice. 

See a breakdown of your provision of MBS items by:

cdm benchmark

Provide your practitioners insight into their benchmark

Review your CDM billing breakdown as a whole practice and on an individual Practitioner level. Quickly see which of your practitioners are billing which CDM item numbers and who in your clinic is under utilising CDM nurse services or reviews. Provide real-time feedback to your practitioners and help them see how they compare.

Easily identify opportunities for improvement

Quickly see the variance between your practice’s performance and the benchmark. Select the services that may be lacking in comparison to the benchmark and work to align these to state and national averages via Cubiko’s Item Optimisation cabinet.


Easily assess your practices uptake of CDM services

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My Cubiko

My Cubiko

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item optimisation

Item Optimisation

Deliver outstanding patient care by optimising your use of MBS item numbers



Set, track, and measure key metrics to see how your practice is traveling towards meeting its business targets

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