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How can Cubiko help your practice?

About Surgical Partners

Surgical Partners is Australia’s leading Doctor payments and accounting reconciliation platform.

  • Real-time feed. Eliminate data re-entry, reduce mistakes and the possibility of fraud.
  • Reconcile daily. Reconcile all income sources with your bank, electronically, on a daily basis.
  • Automate fee splitting. Create automated fee splitting of doctor/clinician billings into facility fee retentions and doctor payments.
  • Activity-based costing. Easily allocate expenses and wages against revenue activities, enabling powerful real-time reporting.


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What our customers are saying about us

Tara Welsh
Over the years I have loved using both Cubiko and Surgical Partners. To have them partner together to drive financial and practice insights for my practice on a single platform will save me alot of time and be incredibly rewarding

Tara Welsh

Practice Manager at CHC Medical

Tracey Johnson
Never before has it been more important to get a full picture of your practice. Cubiko and Surgical Partners take care of all the financial metrics crucial for our practice. This allows us to focus more on patient care without having to stress over the financials.

Tracey Johnson

CEO Inala Primary Care

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