Thanks for signing up for Cubiko Assist

We have received your submission, and will begin setting up your dashboard shortly. Here are a couple of steps you can complete to ensure set up is as simple as possible

First thing's first! Please enable Cubiko as a 3rd party integrator in Best Practice

You can find instruction on how to complete this by watching the video or reading below!

Steps for Third Party Integration Setup

1. Open Best Practice

2. Go to ‘Setup’

3. Select ‘Configuration’

3rd party

4. Select ‘Database’ from the left-hand side menu

5. Click on ‘Setup third-party integrations’

3rd party

6. tick ‘Cubiko’

7. Press ‘Save’

8. Press ‘Save’ in the configuration box as well

You’re all done!

We’ll be in touch shortly to complete the setup of your dashboard