2021 Recap: A year in review

WOW! 2021 has been quite the year so far! There have been highs, there have been lows. But as we begin celebrating Cubiko’s 2nd birthday and my thirty something birthday on the 1st of October, I am taking some time to reflect on all the things that we have accomplished this year.

Before I get started, I’d like to take a moment to thank the Cubiko team and our amazing customers. Without the hard work and dedication from our team, and the constant love and support from our customers Cubiko would not be where we are today.

Now let’s get into this recap before things get soppy.

January 2021

Cubiko welcomes Christina Robinson to the Cubiko Team

Ex-practice manager Christina Robinson joined the Cubiko team as our exceptional Customer Success Manager. Christina is the first point of contact for all Cubiko customers. She works to support and guide our customers through the onboarding process, ensuring that they are getting the best out of our software.

Certified Xero Add-on

In January, we officially became a Certified Xero Add-on. This amazing feature allows you to sync your Xero data with your Best Practice data and view this in Cubiko. Allowing you to analyse your expenses per appointment and per patient, plus other exciting metrics. Big shout out to Lachie who took charge of this.

500 Metrics

At the beginning of 2021, Cubiko hit a significant milestone by adding our 500th metric to our platform. I couldn’t be prouder of the hard work our team put in behind the scenes developing amazing new metrics and features to help make practice life that little bit easier for our customers.

March 2021

Launch of the COVID-19 Vaccination Support cabinet

In March 2021, we launched the COVID-19 Vaccination Support cabinet to help General Practice rollout the vaccine to Phase 1b eligible patients. The key component of this cabinet was to help identify which patients may be eligible to receive the vaccine.

Since its launch the amazing product management and analytics team (Lachie, Pat, Kate and Tom) have worked hard to continually ensure that the cabinet is up to date with the latest eligibility. Ensuring that our customers can continue to rollout the vaccine to their patients and local community. The COVID-19 vaccine national roll-out has definitely had it’s hurdles for the industry. But I’m incredibly proud of our team helping practices adapt to the latest advice.

April 2021

Welcome to the team Tom

To support Cubiko’s rapid customer growth, and to continue to deliver an insightful and valuable health software solution we welcomed Tom Chappell to the Cubiko team. Tom joined us as a data analyst who works to develop exciting new metrics and features for our customers.

May 2021

Nicole and Sayan join the Cubiko Team

Once again Cubiko is growing! In May we welcomed both Nicole Teklenburg and Sayan Chakraborty to the Cubiko team.

Nicole joined our marketing team to deliver amazing new content for our customers. I’m sure you would have received a few emails from her. There’s no doubt you would have heard from Sayan as he works to provide high-level technical support to you, our customers.

Launch of the Flu Vaccination Support cabinet

Flu season is a busy time for practices. With managing stock, staff and knowing which patients are eligible for government-funded vaccines. We were thrilled to announce the launch of the Flu Vaccination Support cabinet.

The Flu Vaccination Support cabinet helps you to easily determine and track the number of patients in your practice who may be eligible for a government funded vaccine under the NIP. You can utilise this data to see the total number of patients who may want the private flu vaccine, as well as filter out patients whose next appointment is a COVID-19 vaccine (due to the inability to administer both the flu and COVID-19 vaccine within 2 weeks of each other. 

June 2021

Welcome to the team Kellie

In June we welcomed Kellie Petersen to the Cubiko engineering team. She joined us as a full-stack engineer working to solve the complex problems of our customers by weaving the Cubiko magic around our metrics and new features.

Cubiko Cocktails

Due to the developing COVID-19 situations in 2020 and 2021, it had been so long since we had all been able to get together. With the RACGP Practice Owners conference being hosted in Brisbane this year, we decided to host Cubiko Cocktails, a networking event here at Cubiko HQ. What a night it was! Thank you to everyone who joined us, it was so lovely catching up with everyone. 

I also want to say big thank you to Nicole and Stuey for putting together an amazing event and to the team who helped out on the night. 

500+ practices using Cubiko

We hit a pretty big milestone in June of 2021, with over 500 practices around Australia using Cubiko. I couldn’t be more proud of this achievement! Thank you to our fantastic team and amazing customers for your continued support.

Launch of Practice Heartbeat and Practice Summary

In June we were pleased to announce the launch of two new cabinets, Practice Heartbeat and Practice Summary.

The Practice Heartbeat cabinet is a one-page snapshot indicating the health of your practice. This cabinet is useful to track your practice’s health using 9 key metrics, making it easy to spot any anomalies that may occur that need your attention.

The Practice Summary cabinet is a one-page detailed analysis of insights to show how your practice is performing. Showing 13 top metrics for measuring practice performance with the ability to share this information with your team. It’s a great tool to show individual practitioners their performance using key metrics.

Item 699 – Healthy Heart Checks

We added Item 699 – Healthy Heart Checks to our Item Optimisation cabinet. You can use this metric to identify and reach out to patients in your practice to screen for risk of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD).  You can use this metric in your practice to help deliver improved patient outcomes and for Quality Improvement Programs.

Ability to print and download metrics

We understand how valuable and insightful downloading or printing the metrics in Cubiko can be. The team worked hard behind the scenes to make this a reality by giving our customers the ability to print and download the metrics within Cubiko. Use this feature to share the metrics and insights with your team and bring them along on your journey to become a data-empowered practice.

Raised $1.7 million to help you become a data-empowered practice

In June we were happy to announce that we have finished our latest capital raise of $1.7 million. This is an amazing achievement, and the support that we receive continues to blow me away.

Our mission hasn’t changed: “To make practice life healthier, for everyone”. This latest capital raise is a confirmation to go further with that mission. Read our article to learn more about our raise.

Cubiko Multisite: Aggregated reporting for multiple practices

Thanks to the hard work of the Cubiko team we were able to launch Cubiko Multisite. A new product for aggregated reporting across your practice group in one easy-to-understand dashboard.  The intelligent business reporting lets you identify your top-performing practices and allows you discover areas for improvement. Read our article to learn more about Cubiko Multisite.

July 2021

Anish joins the Cubiko Team

In July the Cubiko Team grew by one as we welcomed Anish Lakhwara to the team as a software engineer. Anish will be working on the operations and infrastructure of Cubiko to ensure the efficient release and use of new products and features. Delivering a secure, reliable and performant platform for our customers.

Build your own dashboard with Favourites

We’re always open to customer feedback! One of our biggest requests we’ve had was to offer more flexibility in how you access and view the metrics that matter to you and your practice. And so, our incredible team worked hard to make this happen by bringing you favourites. A feature to help you get the most out of using Cubiko by giving you the flexibility and ability to build your own custom dashboard with all your favourite metrics. So that you can focus on the metrics that matter to your practice. A big shout out to the team (Yagmur & Logan) for making this happen!

Two new forecasters

We added two new forecasters to our Practice forecasting cabinet. This includes the Full-time equivalent (Doctors) forecaster and Billings needed to break even forecaster.

You can use the Full-time equivalent (Doctors) forecaster to adjust the number of FTE doctors you have in your clinic to see how your billings will be affected over the projected period

While the Billings needed to break even forecaster allows you to see the billings you need to generate to break even over a selected period. This forecaster looks through billings to work out what percentage of billings your practitioners are actually paying in. It looks at the appointments per hour, session hours, and billings per hour that you need to meet your break even target in the future. 

August 2021

5 new metrics added to Cubiko

In August we added 5 new metrics to Cubiko including:

  • Potential 10997 opportunities
  • 45-49 Health Assessment
  • Potential new CDM patients
  • Patients who may be eligible for 10987
  • Days till third next available appointment.

Cubiko already highlighted upcoming appointments at which the patient may be eligible for an item 10997. However, with the Potential 10997 opportunities metric you get the ability to search through historical appointments. Highlighting those in the last two years where the patient was potentially eligible for an item 10997, but where no item 10997 was billed that day. Filter this metric to get a breakdown by practitioner, a trend line graph of potential 10997 opportunities, and see a list of patients who may be eligible for a 10997.

Our 45-49 Health Assessment metric helps you to identify which of your patients may be at risk of developing a chronic disease. You can use this metric to help you identify which of your patients may need a care plan. Patients who have had a care plan billed in the past are excluded from this list.

The Potential new CDM patients metrics allows you to Identify patients who have been flagged as eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine because of an underlying medical condition and may be eligible for a CDM care plan. These metrics highlight patients who have never been billed for a care plan or have not been billed for a care plan in the last two years.

With our Patients who may be eligible for a 10987 metric you can now identify patients who may be eligible for a 10987.  You can use this metric to determine the patient’s eligibility, how many 10987’s they’ve been billed for this calendar year, and check if a patient was billed for a 10987 but was rejected because the maximum amount of services had been billed. 

Lastly, with our Days till third next available appointment metric, you can easily determine your doctors’ appointment availability. This metric calculates the number of days to each doctor’s third next available appointment and the average for the practice overall. This metric will be handy when trying to determine how readily available appointments are to your patients. 

Hello new office

2021 saw us grow from a team of 10, to a team of 17. And  it’s safe to say that we definitely out grew our office space. 

Where did we move to you may ask? Not far! We’re still based out of our 22 Constance Street office, just in a bigger more homelier space upstairs.

1 year of Coffee and Cake

In August we celebrated 1 year of Coffee and Cake. Christina and I were joined by special guest Amanda to catch up on all things Cubiko and do a recap of everything that has been added to Cubiko over the past 6 months.

September 2021

Welcome to Cubiko Shelley

To support the rapid growth of Cubiko and our customers, the Cubiko team continued to grow. In September we welcomed Shelley Towers to the team. Shelley joins us as our Solutions Consultant. She will be acting as the first point of contact for prospective Cubiko customers. While working closely with the marketing and customer success team to provide customers with a frictionless customer journey.

Launch of Cubiko’s CPD webinars

In September we launched our monthly AAPM approved CPD webinar series where we partner with industry leaders to share knowledge and insight into hot topics happening within the healthcare industry.

Our first webinar was a great success, and special shoutout to Nicole, Rob and our friends at Precedence Health for organising amazing content for our customers and fellow colleagues.

Incoming referrals

In September we released our latest metric Incoming referrals so that you can easily gain insight into your practice’s referrals. Use this page to:

  • Identify new referrers
  • Gain insight into your practices conversation rate for referrals
  • See your average billings per referrer and your average value of referrals by referrer
  • See lists of referrals and lost referrers
  • PLUS more

These metrics will help practices who have a number of incoming referrals gain insight into which of their referrers are still referring patients, while also identifying those practitioners who have not referred patients in the last 3-6 months.

Big shoutout to Pat for taking the lead on this!

MBS Benchmarking

We know that practices want to compare how they’re performing against national and state benchmarks. With our new MBS Benchmarking cabinet, you can now easily see and understand where your practice sits against national and state benchmarks. 

The metrics within this cabinet are based on the data released by the MBS each month containing information regarding how many services of each MBS item have been performed. 

You can use this data to assess the effectiveness of the activities you’re performing within your practice. 

What’s next?

As you can see the team has been incredibly busy the past 9 months. We’ve grown our team by 7 and added many amazing new features and metrics for our customers. I couldn’t be prouder of everything we’ve achieved so far, and all of this wouldn’t be possible without our amazing customers.

Now you may be thinking, What’s next? Well, I do have a few things up my sleeve! All of which will be announced at Cubikon2021 on the 1st of October as we celebrate our 2nd birthday.

Keen on learning more about the future of Cubiko, as well as hear insights from Industry leaders on how to become a data-empowered practice? Join us at Cubikon2021 from 9 am on the 1st of October and receive 40 AAPM approved CPD points.  

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