Brisbane Health Start-Up ‘Cubiko’ and BP Premier Set to Revolutionise General Practice

After announcing their joint venture partnership at the AAPM Conference in Canberra last week, leading Brisbane-based Data Analytics specialists ‘Aginic’ and award-winning general practice provider ‘Inala Primary Care’ have today launched their latest product offering ‘Cubiko’.

Cubiko is set to revolutionise the way General Practices across Australia are managed, creating operational and cost saving efficiencies across all facets of practice management.

By centralising data from practice management, accounting and rostering systems, Cubiko establishes itself as an instant market-leader, filling a need in the practice management market by consolidating data into a series of user-friendly, real-time interactive dashboards accessible to all members of the General Practice.

Cubiko Director Rob Mackay and his team said that they were excited to play a role in a solution that addresses a critical requirement to streamline practice management operations across the country.

“Providing a user-friendly series of visually interactive dashboards that instantly creates operational and cost savings efficiencies to general practices of all sizes is a huge milestone product delivery for Cubiko,” said Mackay.

“We’re proud to consider ourselves early innovators in this space, addressing a critical need in the practice environment and providing a cost-effective management solution that allows general practices to focus on the most important priority of all – delivering excellent patient care.”

Having already offered pilot access to the Cubiko functionality to two lead practices, Cubiko is quickly establishing itself as a market-leader in practice management solutions, providing unprecedented efficiencies to solo GP environments, right through to practices with twenty-plus General Practitioners.

Partner investors and co-owners of Cubiko, Inala Primary Care are one of those practices to have piloted Cubiko. Inala Primary Care have been using a data driven approach to managing their practice for over five years.

Inala Primary Care CEO Tracey Johnson admitted that the ever-tightening Medicare environment means the data dashboards have become even more critical to the efficiency of day to day practice operations.

“They help save costs from overstaffing, generate revenue from identification of patients eligible for additional care, and better manage diaries to boost utilisation of the team,” Johnson says.

“Without the data from the dashboards (which now form the basis of the Cubiko product), the leadership team of the practice would never have been able to evolve fast enough to have achieved AGPAL Australian Practice of the Year in May 2016.”

Australia’s largest practice management software provider Best Practice has also thrown their support behind Cubiko via a formal partnership arrangement due to be announced shortly.

Best Practice and Cubiko will be working together to design a seamless access point from the Bp Premier product, further extending Cubiko’s ability to save practices time while offering information to the people needing to act.

Such built in functionality means staff will not have to switch screens or remember to login to see what needs to be actioned to keep patients and practice owners happy, further cementing Best Practice’ status as the dominant player in medical practice software.

Best Practice Software’s General Manager, Innovation and Development John Rayfield said the beauty of partnering with Cubiko was dealing with someone who already understands the challenges of running a Practice.

“This initiative supports efficiency in Practices that enable better healthcare and we fully support that,” said Rayfield.

“This arrangement is unique as it has the capability to bring together and analyse data from different sources other than just Bp Premier and present it in a way that is easily understood and interpreted to make good business decisions.”

Cubiko is currently offering pilot access to the platform for twenty lead practices. Early adopters of the pilot program will join a community of practices actively engaged in refining Cubiko to improve Practice operations and profitability across the broader general practice community of Australia.

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