How First Light Healthcare reduce admin and engage their doctors with Cubiko

First Light Healthcare is a multi-practice group located in Byron and Ballina, committed to providing a wide array of health services to their respective local communities. With a strong focus on delivering progressive, vertically integrated primary healthcare, the group has been delighting patients since 1977. 

Above all, the defining characteristic of First Light Healthcare is the team’s commitment to improving healthcare outcomes for their local communities, or as Director of Clinical Governance, Melissa Bautista puts it, “It’s about how we as a group of individuals with different backgrounds and interests can pull together to improve outcomes for our patients.” Moving the needle in terms of care is a challenge that all practices face, but one Melissa and her team have eagerly tackled.

“For us it's about how can we as a group of individuals come together and improve patient outcomes”

Melissa Bautista, Director of Clinical Governance at First Light Healthcare

The Opportunity

Like many managers, Melissa is tasked with aiding her doctors not only in providing the best possible quality of care but also in running an efficient, financially viable business. Developing monthly doctor dashboards is an essential part of keeping practitioners cognoscente of their performance as well as the type of care they are providing, however, as practices expand this quickly becomes an onerous task.

Prior to Cubiko, I would say I spent 8 hours a week just trawling through data”, says Melissa, Trying to pull out the most minute details. I was spending a lot of time doing that.”, The process of gaining insight into doctor performance was a very manual task.

The Solution

“Previously I would have to download weeks of data into spreadsheets and work some magic to make that spreadsheet look like something usable,” says Melissa. Cubiko allows Melissa to easily distil key insights on the group’s performance and create dashboards for doctors and other members of the team, without the manual work and spreadsheets. This means Melissa can focus on analysis, interpretation and keeping staff and doctors appraised of their progress.

8 hours saved in administration

Cubiko has enabled Melissa to gain a deeper understanding of the group’s operations, while significantly reducing the work involved to bring all those insights together. “When Cubiko introduced benchmarking it was such an amazing thing, as this metric had taken me so long to calculate for each doctor,” remarks Melissa. “What used to take at least 8 hours a week has now been reduced to a few clicks.” Cubiko’s off-the-shelf cabinets of reports ensure that managers have everything they need, without any additional configuration.

Data in the hands of doctors

First Light Healthcare use Cubiko’s MyCubiko feature to help doctors take charge of their billings. MyCubiko is a customisable dashboard made specifically for doctors and includes relevant metrics such as total billings, bulk billing percentage and upcoming opportunities to bill additional MBS items. Additionally, MyCubiko features a report of billings per hour for each doctor in the practice, enabling quick anonymous comparison between your practitioners, a feature that has saved Melissa countless hours of admin.

The Results

8 hours of unnecessary admin saved weekly

Cubiko helps Melissa and her team quickly and easily access the reports and data they need to make informed decisions, cutting down 8 hours of admin every week.

Greater visibility for doctors

Cubiko has helped Melissa bring doctors on the practice management journey, by giving them visibility and ownership over their billings and appointments. 

“Cubiko has been such a great investment, not only for the hours saved, but in terms of the amount of day to day visibility and long-range insight it has given us.”

Melissa Bautista, Director of Clinical Governance at First Light Healthcare

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