Your World Has Changed -

So We Changed Too

Cubiko Assist is a free (yes, free!) dashboard that has been built for these times. It contains a range of metrics to help you manage your business and care for your patients during COVID-19.

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Because this isn’t business as usual. It’s practice management during a global pandemic. You need different tools for that. 

No work. No spreadsheets. No uploads.
Just the data you’re longing for to guide your decisions.


Cubiko Assist (CA) is a distilled version of Cubiko incorporating 12 critical metrics from within Cubiko’s existing practice support software. Making this vital dashboard available to Australian practices at no cost is Cubiko’s contribution to Australia’s pandemic response.

We want to help your practice stay afloat and successfully manage the healthcare needs of your community, helping your patients stay well and avoid preventable hospital admissions.


Cubiko Assist

Cubiko Assist was created to help your practice manage unique pandemic-related pressures. Based on requests from practices across Australia, it features vital metrics that will help your practice to manage your finances and your patients during this time.


What Can Cubiko Assist Do?

Protect your patients and your practice during the pandemic

Cubiko Assist generates easily understandable reports that equip you to respond to the impact of COVID-19 on your practice.


Track your income

See how your revenue per hour changes over time as you and your practice grow.

Appointment types and dates

Understand how busy you are, and how many patients your team are seeing per hour.

Revenue and appointments per hour

Report on the number of appointments being bulk billed, and break it down based on item number and eligibility.

Diary assistance for absentees

See how utilised your rooms are across the whole practice to understand the return on your room assets.

Practice forecasts

See a forecast of your future utilisation, and know whether you’re on target with budgets and rosters.

Frequent care group

Get a clear look at the number and timing of new patients into your practice and their booking source.

Future coverage

Get an overview of the recall and reminders in your practice, and pick up anything which slips through the cracks.

Track item numbers and usage

In one place, keep an eye on your batching, rejections and bulk billings.

Billing impact

Understand your team members’ average wait times, and how they change.

Demographics overview

See how busy your practice team members are in comparison to their utilisation targets.

Face-to-face v telehealth

Control your staff expenses by knowing when people should be rostered.

And more

Cubiko connects to over 100 data metrics, helping you turn practice data into valuable insights. Cubiko makes the business of practice management simpler than ever.


Register Your Interest

The times have changed – and your practice has to change with them. If you’d like near real-time data to guide your practice management decisions during this unprecedented time, then register now for Cubiko Assist. It’ll be here later in May – and we reckon you’ll sleep better once you’ve got it.  We are making Cubiko Assist available for 6 months free of charge.

About Cubiko


Cubiko Assist is a distilled version of Cubiko, the leading practice business analytics platform in the country, which effortlessly combines all your practice’s different data sources – Google, Facebook, Tanda, Best Practice –  into one easy-to-use platform. 

We’re pioneers, delivering practice insights to your team, and empowering you to perform at your best for every patient, every day.

How you do that today is very different from how you did it a few months ago. The frontline of healthcare in Australia has never looked the way it does now, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Adapting Cubiko to create Cubiko Assist is our way of equipping frontline practices to perform well during these times.  

If your practice already uses Cubiko, you’ve already got Cubiko Assist’s invaluable new metrics. If your practice doesn’t use Cubiko, you can use Cubiko Assist for free to help you manage through the pandemic.

If you’ve got any questions, please call us on 1300 CUBIKO or email

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If you’ve got any questions, please call us on 1300 CUBIKO or contact us here.