Reporting and optimisation for your specialist practice

Gain deeper insight into your specialist practice

Cubiko for Gentu is coming soon and will be launching with all the insights and analytics needed to run an amazing practice, express your interest below to be the first to know when it releases!

Simplify your Gentu reporting with Cubiko

Gain deep insight into your practice, without the spreadsheets.

  • Simple to set up. Configure Cubiko and get results fast
  • Easy to use. Intuitive insights delivered straight to your team
  • All the metrics you need in one easily accessible place

Gain insights quickly

Get the information you need to make important decisions faster.

  • Insight at a glance. Save and track your most important data with favourite metrics
  • Measure how your practice is performing

Find opportunities to delight

Deliver fantastic patient care by discovering opportunities for potential MBS items.

  • Improve patient care by keeping on top of patient follow-up actions and improve efficiency related to the appointment book
  • Improve the practice model of care by finding opportunities to improve clinical outcomes and streamline operations
  • Data at your finger tips so you can fill your appointment book and engage with your patients

Cubiko helps you simplify reporting, so you can focus on delivering great patient care

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