Improve patient outcomes with Cubiko and HealthShare


HealthShare is a leading digital health company. They are dedicated to improving health outcomes with our innovative products.

BetterConsult is a pre-consultation tool that captures your patients’ presenting symptoms, medication and other relevant clinical information. It then translates the data into concise medical notes, ready for your review.

Cubiko and HealthShare working together

Cubiko and HealthShare are working together for connected and more resilient healthcare industry.

Together, Cubiko & HealthShare help practices:

  • Reduce admin
  • Writing patient notes should not be time-consuming. BetterConsult saves up to ten hours of note-taking per week, alleviating doctor burnout.
  • Control the consultation
  • Understand the patients’ agenda prior to the consultation and plan for their visit.
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Spend more time discussing treatment options and answering patient questions.

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