HMR Referrals

An integrated and simple DMMR process for your GPs. 

HMR Referrals is an integrated and secure e-referral solution enabling Australian Health Care practitioners to deliver better medication management outcomes to their patients.

With a mere 6% of eligible patients currently benefiting from a DMMR, a vital component of maintaining continuous care, it’s become clear that there is substantial room for improvement across clinics. Most practices oversee hundreds of patients who could greatly benefit from such a review, emphasising the pressing need for enhancement.

Cubiko can assist clinics in identifying patients eligible for a home medication review and HMR Referrals will provide you with access to over 500 accredited pharmacists nationwide with an average turnaround time of 2 weeks.

Together Cubiko and HMR Referrals look to streamline the process of identifying and engaging patients eligible for HMR.

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