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Chronic Disease Management: Workflows for your practice

Presented by
HealthShare Cubiko

Join Rob Dickson and Christina Robinson (Cubiko) and Rami Weiss (HealthShare) for a 1-hour educational session where they’ll discuss Chronic Disease Management (CDM) and the workflows you can implement in your practice. 

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The recommended workflow to engage your patients in your CDM program
  • How you can use data to engage with your CDM patients proactively 
  • How your practice data can help you easily identify opportunities to provide CDM care. 
  • Using patient pre-consult data to optimise your GP and nurse resources
  • How to streamline your mental health consultations
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Rob Dickson Square

Rob Dickson


Christina Robinson

Rami Weiss

Rami Weiss

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