COVAX Feasibility Tool

The Problem

Financially viable

Does it make sense for your practice to do COVID-19 vaccines?

Continuation of patient care

How do we maintain great patient care while delivering the COVID-19 vaccine?

Opportunity cost

If the practice was to do COVID-19 vaccines, what do we miss out on?

Logistics of delivery

Freezers, staff, car parks. How do we physically roll out the vaccine in our practice?

The Solution

Chris from Cubiko, in partnership with Marcus at Surgical Partners and Riwka at Medical Business Services, have built a free tool to be used by the general practice community to measure the feasibility of administering the COVID-19 vaccination in their community.

The model is comprehensive and customisable for your practice.

  • Step 1: Enter your practice’s inputs
  • Step 2: See an overview of your practice’s clinic flow
  • Step 3: Visibility over your practice’s labour costs
  • Step 4: Analyse doctor billings, take home per hour and clinic financial outcomes

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