Webinar Recording

Preparing your clinic for Flu season

Presented by Robert Dickson and Tara Welsh


Rob Dickson Square
Robert Dickson
Tara Welsh
Tara Welsh

With flu season fast approaching, it’s important for practices across Australia to prepare their clinics for flu season.

In this webinar, Rob Dickson (Cubiko) and Tara Welsh (CHC Medical) discuss how you can leverage data to set your vaccination clinic up for success.

In this 1-hour educational session, you’ll:

  • Get an overview of how you can use data to prepare for flu season
  • Learn how you can utilise your practice data to check patient eligibility and recall patients for private or Government funded vaccinations
  • Gain insight into how you can use data to support stock-level management and recovery plans/actions for unexpected events.
  • Learn how to identify any potential historical unbilled flu vaccine opportunities
  • Get an overview of how your practice’s flu clinic is tracking compared to previous year
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