Calamvale Medical Centre saved 0.5 FTE a week

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Calamvale Medical Centre is a fully accredited and long-established modern General Practice. Located in the heart of Calamvale, they’ve been serving the communities of Calamvale and surrounding suburbs since 1997.

Calamvale Medical Centre provides high quality and comprehensive health care to all who walk through its doors. Their doctor and nursing team are highly qualified and experienced in all aspects of family medicine. At the same time, the whole staffing team prides itself on delivering exceptional patient care and service.

You have to get your foundations right. You have to know your business… If you don't have a solid foundation, everything can fall apart… don't take your eye off the business

Patrice Cafferky, Owner and Practice Manager at Calamvale Medical Centre

We sat down with Patrice Cafferky, Owner and Practice Manager at Calamvale Medical Centre, to discuss her journey with Cubiko. She uses Cubiko every day to gain insight into how their practice is performing, save time collecting and reporting data, and providing insight to her doctor and nursing team.

The Opportunity

Before purchasing Cubiko, a lot of what Patrice wanted to achieve for Calamvale Medical Centre was in her head, and they were doing everything manually. Patrice believes that data analytics and looking at your systems and processes are essential for the success of a practice. But found that these were the first things that get shoved to the side when life in General Practice gets busy. There’s no doubt that the past 18 months have been hectically busy for those in General Practice due to COVID-19.

Patrice and her team were manually collating the data to measure the KPI’s and metrics they were tacking within the practice. While physically entering their findings into a basic excel spreadsheet. The process of populating these spreadsheets was time-consuming, and they needed to find a solution.

Calamvale Medical Centre needed a Practice Intelligence Platform that could:

  • Save time in reporting
  • Streamline the process of accessing information
  • Provide financial and business insights into the practice
  • Drive behavioural change

The Solution

[We were] manually measuring a lot of the KPI’s found within Cubiko”. Cubiko provides Calamvale Medical Centre with dashboards that consolidate their data. Thus, streamlining the process of reporting on their practice’s performance and accessibility of important information.

Streamlined Reporting

Cubiko helps Patrice and the Calamvale Medical team prepare and deliver insightful reports. Reports that help Patrice and her team with the daily operation of the practice. A lot of the KPI’s and metrics Patrice and her team were already manually measuring can be found within Cubiko. She was saving her and her team the task of manually running these reports themselves. “It’s quite magical,” she says, “Streamlining the reports we want and the KPI’s we want to look at. I’ve pretty easily saved half a full-time employee in what I want to achieve out of the software“.

Driving behavioural change

Patrice has found great success using Cubiko. It’s helped drive behavioural change within her practice. Cubiko has allowed Calamvale Medical to drive behavioural change in their:

  • Billing patterns
  • Appointment type bookings
  • How they manage their appointment book

“It’s really powerful… It’s had a great impact across the business side of things… and it lets me sleep a little easier at night,” she says.

Gaining Visibility

The visibility of the metrics within Cubiko has been invaluable to Calamvale Medical Centre. Particularly with the Vaccination Support Cabinets (COVID-19 Vaccine & Flu Vaccine). Calamvale Medical Centre was previously operating with paper waiting lists (with one thousand patients) for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. As well as manually printing lists of patients to whom they had previously sold private flu vaccines or which patients were eligible for the government-funded vaccine. It was a messy process that ran the risk of pages going missing and not having enough stock. “Now I can push a button on Cubiko and have all that information at my fingertips”. Patrice says that all her staff are enthused with the software.

The Results

Saved 13 hours per week

The real-time data insights that Cubiko provides helped Patrice save 13 hours a week. “I’ve pretty easily saved half a full-time employee in what I want to achieve out of the software”.

Streamlined running of the practice

Calamvale Medical Centre uses Cubiko to streamline the running of its practice. Allowing them to get what they’re tracking out of their heads by refocusing their attention to the practice’s operation. Using the real-time data in Cubiko to make those difficult decisions.

The daily running of our practice is streamlined

Patrice Cafferky, Owner and Practice Manager at Calamvale Medical Centre

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