How to Register your Practice and Providers with PRODA in preparation for MyMedicare

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Since the 1st of July, medical practices around Australia have been hustling to complete the MyMedicare practice registration. In this article, we break down the steps as some communication sent to practices has led to unnecessary confusion. There are many changes to adapt to since the May Federal Budget and our hope is this article provides some clarity to make your day easier!

For now, registering your organisation and providers is the only step you can do officially to get ready for MyMedicare. Although there are some steps, you can take within your practice to put your practice, providers and patients in the best position to make the most of MyMedicare.

Before we jump into this article, if you have previously completed the PRODA registration of your organisation for B2B devices, you can skip to step 3 of this article. The registration for B2B devices in PRODA would have most likely been completed last year with the new Medicare claiming in Best Practice Software.

If you have not already completed the PRODA registration, please proceed to step 1. There is constantly new information coming out about MyMedicare, therefore we recommend you complete the below steps well below the 1st of October when patient registration begins.

B2B Devices

Step 1: Check your Eligibility for MyMedicare

Before beginning the process for MyMedicare make sure to check your eligibility.

The below eligibility is directly from the Government’s guidelines and is accurate as of the date this article is published.

General practices

To be eligible for MyMedicare, general practices must:

  • provide Medicare-funded services
  • be registered in the following Services Australia systems:
    • Provider Digital Access (PRODA)
    • Health Professional Online Services (HPOS)
    • the Organisation Register
  • have at least one eligible provider linked to the practice in the Organisation Register. Eligible providers can be a vocationally registered GP, non-vocationally registered GP or a GP registrar. How to register eligible providers is explained further down in step 5.
  • be accredited against the National General Practice Accreditation Scheme – non-accredited practices will have 12 months to register with an accreditation agency and gain accreditation.

An accreditation exemption is available until 30 June 2025. This is available to non-accredited practices (including sole providers) who deliver general practice services through mobile and outreach models:

  • in rural settings
  • in residential aged care
  • in disability residential settings
  • to First Nations Australians
  • to people experiencing homelessness.

Healthcare providers

To be eligible for MyMedicare, providers must:

  • contract or work at a MyMedicare eligible practice
  • be linked to the practice on the Organisation Register
  • have a valid provider number and be eligible to deliver Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) or Department of Veterans’ Affairs equivalent services.

The provider must be a GP or nurse practitioner. Eligible GPs include:

  • vocationally registered GPs
  • non-vocationally registered GPs
  • GP registrars.

If you have questions about your participation in MyMedicare, including eligibility criteria, you should talk to your practice or go to the Services Australia Health Professional Education website.

Step 2: Link and register an organisation in PRODA for MyMedicare

The next step is to link your organisation in PRODA, most notably, linking your organisation for B2B devices. If you’ve already done that please skip to Step 3 of this article.

Please note the following guidance is based on the information currently available from Services Australia, and the information is up-to-date as of the publishing of this article. You can check Services Australia for any updates and current advice.

Before you register an organisation in PRODA, you must make sure that:

  • you’ve registered an individual PRODA account
  • you’re an Associate or Authorised contact for the organisation on the Australian Business Register (ABR)
  • your individual PRODA account name matches your name as recorded on the ABR
  • the organisation has an active Australian Business Number (ABN)

Register the organisation in preparation for MyMedicare

To register an organisation in PRODA, log in to your individual PRODA account. Select Organisations, then select Register New Organisation.

To register the organisation you’ll need to enter the following details:

  • name of the organisation
  • ABN of the organisation
  • organisation contact email address.

Your individual PRODA account name must match the Associate or Authorised contact name for the organisation on the ABR. If they don’t match, you won’t be able to proceed to the next step.

Answer Ownership Questions

You’ll need to answer three proof of ownership questions. The questions are from non-publicly available information about the organisation on the ABR.

Your answers to all three questions must match the information on the ABR. You won’t be able to proceed to the next step if they don’t.

You should contact the ABR if you need either:

  • help with your answers
  • to update the information recorded on the ABR.

You can view or update your ABN details online using myGovID. For more information and assistance visit the ABR website or contact them.

Verify the organisation email

You’ll receive an activation code to your organisation email address. To finalise the organisation registration, enter the code in the Email code field.

You’ll then receive confirm you’ve successfully registered the organisation in PRODA by email. It will include the Registration Authority (RA) number which is unique to the organisation. You can give this to the PRODA Helpdesk if you need support.

Set up your organisation functions

You’ll now see your organisation as active on My Organisations.

When you select the organisation name you’ll be able to set up and manage your organisation functions. You’re good to go!

Step 3: Link your Eligible Providers for MyMedicare

The final step is to link your eligible providers in PRODA.

With help from Tara Welsh of CHC Medical, we’ve created this short video that takes you through the steps of linking your eligible providers.

How to link your eligible providers in PRODA in preparation for MyMedicare

1. Log in to PRODA and select ‘Organisations.’

proda home

2. Select which organisation you wish to register providers for

my organisations

3. Select ‘Members’ and then ‘Add member’

Add members

4. Enter the details of the provider you wish to register and select ‘search’. See below for steps on how to find your GP’s Individual PRODA RA number. 

Member search

5. Enter in the ‘End Date’ and select ‘Add this member’

member details

6. Read and accept the following declaration and you’ve successfully added a provider to your organisation in PRODA.

7. Repeat steps 1 – 6 for each provider you wish to register with your organisation in PRODA

How to find your GP's Individual PRODA RA number

1. Practitioners to log in to PRODA and select ‘Profile.’

proda home

2. Find the RA number listed under the My Details section.

If the RA number is not shown, please contact the Human Services Business Service Centre on 1800 700 199.

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 8.26.46 am

Bringing it all together for MyMedicare

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’re all set! At this stage, the above steps is all the information we are currently aware of for practices to prepare for MyMedicare officially.

There are however other steps you can implement to engage patients, and prepare your practice and patients for MyMedicare. We hope this article was helped clarify the registration process for your organisation and providers with PRODA in preparation for MyMedicare.

Additionally, if you’re seeking further guidance and valuable insights on understanding the differences between enrolling and registering patients, the changes with patient registration, and the potential challenges practices may face, be sure to tune in to the latest episode of Medicubes Podcast. Chris, Riwka and Kim answer your questions and share valuable insights and guidance on MyMedicare.

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