Solving MyMedicare’s biggest challenges, Cubiko’s MyMedicare Module

On October 1st, the Australian Government launched the MyMedicare initiative, designed to enhance the connection between patients, their general practitioners, and primary care teams. Since its inception, general practices have faced the significant challenge of efficiently identifying MyMedicare-registered patients.

We are thrilled to bring you an exclusive look at Cubiko’s latest innovation, the MyMedicare Module, a groundbreaking tool set to transform how general practice (GP) clinics manage and optimise the process of registering patients for MyMedicare. We built this module as a direct response to the complexities of the government’s MyMedicare scheme, marking Cubiko’s continued commitment to elevating patient care through efficient management and continuity of care.

Empowering Practices from November 15th

Starting November 15th, almost 2,000 GP practices will experience a significant enhancement in their ability to manage patient registration in their clinic. The MyMedicare Module is designed with a robust suite of metrics and reports specifically tailored to simplify the implementation of MyMedicare. This module allows practices to directly import CSV lists of registered patients from MyMedicare in HPOS into Cubiko, powering a range of dynamic reports that will drastically cut down the administrative burdens associated with MyMedicare.

Identifying your most important patient cohorts & registered patients

The Module provides actionable insights into various patient cohorts, such as those in aged care facilities or under chronic disease management plans. By identifying these groups, the enrolment process becomes streamlined, focusing on those who will benefit most from the scheme. Furthermore, the tool aids in pinpointing and enrolling patients with upcoming appointments who are eligible but not yet registered for MyMedicare, optimising healthcare access and proactive patient care.

Cubiko’s MyMedicare module allows users to download a CSV list of the practice’s registered patients from HPOS. This list is then uploaded to Cubiko, allowing you to compare your cohort of registered patients to key cohorts of patients that are eligible for MyMedicare, but not yet registered with your practice.

The module also provides practices with lists of patients with upcoming appointments who are eligible for registration, helping you incorporate registration as part of your daily workflows.

Why we built the MyMedicare module

As part of our development, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the community-driven nature of this release. Our customers told us that tracking everything around MyMedicare was a huge undertaking – so we’ve worked hard to create a solution that makes life easier. The response from beta customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with practices enjoying less time spent on administrative tasks and more on maximising patient care quality.

Simplifying Complex Data for Enhanced Patient Welfare

The MyMedicare Module offers a straightforward solution by making complex data accessible and actionable for medical professionals and practice teams. This approach ensures that the focus remains squarely on patient welfare and the quality of service provided. What’s more, this innovative dashboard is available at no extra cost as part of Cubiko, as well as the free Cubiko Assist platform, making it an accessible option for a wide range of practices.

Real-time Data Integration: A Future Goal

Cubiko recognises that the CSV import method isn’t the ideal solution for real-time data integration, yet it remains the only available option for integrators with HPOS at this time. Despite this, the benefits offered by the MyMedicare Module are substantial, ensuring practices can manage patient data effectively and efficiently.

MyMedicare Module now included free as part of Cubiko and Cubiko Assist

For practices looking to streamline their patient management and enhance the quality of care they provide, signing up for Cubiko’s MyMedicare Module is a game-changer. The MyMedicare Module is included free of charge for all existing Cubiko users, and is also available within the Cubiko Assist Dashboard. Sign up for Cubiko Assist free today and be a part of this exciting journey towards better healthcare delivery.

We truly believe a more efficient practice means more time for what truly matters – patient well-being. Let’s embrace this innovation together and set a new standard in healthcare management.

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