The Smart Way To Manage Your Practice

Practice management is certainly not for the faint-hearted. 

It’s a huge (and hugely important) role that encompasses management of finances, people, information, and risk. 

Health administration doesn’t end there, either. There’s also planning and marketing, governance and organisational dynamics, business and clinical operations, and professional responsibility.  

And you’re doing all that in a constantly changing environment. There are new patients, new staff, new treatment protocols, new services and new Medicare rules. Thanks to COVID-19, there are new concerns about workplace safety, clinical care and financial viability during a global pandemic.

‘Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight.’ – Thomas Carlyle

Some days, you feel like you’re juggling hot coals while riding blindfold across a tightrope on a unicycle. No wonder you’re tired! 

Cubiko Streamlines Your Practice

Cubiko can help you streamline your practice so that you have the insight needed to make the right decisions and the systems in place to ensure a smooth-running practice. 

In 2020, that’s more important than ever. Gone are the days when a business can afford to rely on one key person who carries vital knowledge in their head. 

COVID-19 means you need systems that work without you. If you’re forced to isolate or if you’re sick, the practice needs to go run smoothly in your absence. 

Drowning in Information but Starved of Knowledge?

You’ve got systems in place to manage your practice. 

There’s practice management software to book appointments and manage clinical records. 

There are programs to manage the payroll and keep track of annual leave, programs to arrange rosters and programs to deal with accountancy and financial management. 

There’s certainly plenty of information about your practice. But what’s it telling you? Answering that question can demand a lot of time as you try to compare data from different systems. 

That’s why you need Cubiko. 

Cubiko Turns Information into Insight

Cubiko is the first business insights tool to harness these fragmented streams of practice data. It integrates over 100 different data points and gives you a visual representation of practice performance in easy-to-understand dashboards. 

Cubiko makes task prioritisation, process improvement and profit growth simpler than you ever thought possible. Those insights give your decisions clarity, enabling you to create a flourishing practice with time leftover to enjoy life beyond it. 

Finally, you understand what’s really happening in your practice. You can see what’s working and what needs to change. You can see opportunities to grow. You can set goals knowing you have the systems in place to enable you to achieve them. 

Proficient Practice Management Relies on Good Systems

Goals alone aren’t enough. You may have a goal of increasing bookings by 10% or attracting 5 new patients per week. You won’t achieve your goal without a good system in place, though. 

‘You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.’

So says author and entrepreneur, James Clear, whose work draws on neuroscience, psychology and biology to understand how to improve performance and create habits that stick. 

Contrary to popular wisdom, Clear argues that it’s systems rather than goals that lead to success. Goals give you something to aspire to; systems create a ladder that enables you to climb up there. Goals help you set a direction; systems enable you to make progress

Whatever you practice goals, Cubiko is the system to help you achieve them. 

How Cubiko Works

Cubiko helps you track progress with easy-to-understand reports on the clinical and business aspects of your practice, including:

  • New patients – and where they’re coming from
  • Waiting times
  • Recalls and reminders
  • Appointments per hour
  • Revenue per hour
  • Room utilisation (how much is that unoccupied consulting room costing you?)
  • Bulk billing rates
  • Doctor-nurse ratios
  • Future forecasts. 

Since COVID-19 hit, Cubiko has also incorporated pandemic-related metrics such as:

  • The billing impact of self-isolation and telehealth appointments
  • Patients with high-care needs who have missed out on their usual care
  • The balance of face-to-face vs telehealth appointments
  • Diary management for quarantined doctors.

Want to see how Cubiko could benefit your practice? 

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